List Of The Best AI Porn Generator Affiliate Programs & Sponsors

There is an ever growing list of NSFW AI image generators out there, but only a minority offer affiliate programs. The list below is intended to be as complete as possible, and updated regularly. I promote AI porn generators myself, so I’m in a good position to know which convert the best, make me the most money, and most importantly of all – will actually pay you.

SCAM WARNING – AI Porn Affiliate Programs That Do Not Pay!

These are two AI porn programs that you should defintely AVOID, as they do not pay, no matter how many sales and $$$ you send them : (owes me over $2K. Does not answer my emails). (owes me over $300. Does not answer my emails).

Best Converting Adult AI Porn Image Generator Affiliate Programs

1 # PornAI – 50% Lifeshare.

The top affiliate program from arguably the top NSFW AI image generator. The two standout reasons why this should be your number one choice to promote are that it it is run by an adult industry veteran by the name of Steve Lightspeed, and it pays 50% for all lifetime revenue generated by one of your leads. Most of the other AI porn sponsors do not have a background in the adult industry, or in running an affiliate program. Steve Lightspeed has almost three decades experience. He is trusted in the industry, and you can worry free about getting payments on time and everytime. He also has a dedicated affiliate manager to always be on hand to help you promote his site and answer any questions within a few hours. 50% commission is more than just about any other porn generator is paying, and trust me – PornAI converts very well! There are lots of creatives for you to use too.

2 # DreamGF – 40% Lifeshare.

Although primarily an AI girlfriend generator and simulator, I’ve had sucess promoting DreamGF as a NSFW image generator. And that’s probably because it is, producing photo-realistic and flawlessly beautiful women every time. Affiliate support is great, it pays 40% commission, and has paid me every time, although payment methods are a little limited (they do do International Wires though).

The Best AI Girlfriend Affiliate Programs

The number of AI girlfriend apps and sites are increasing even faster than AI porn generators. However, only a small number of them offer affiliate programs. They do tend to convert better though than the porn generators.

1 # DreamGF – 40% Lifeshare.

Arguably the top NSFW AI GF generator, and converts very well. Commission is up to 40%. The affiliate rep is very helpful, and there is a good selection of banners to promote the site. I’ve been paid via wire promptly every time.

2 # CandyAI – 30% Lifeshare. has established itself as one of the top AI girlfriend generator and simulator sites. Thankfully it has a great affiliate program with a generous 30% lifetime revenue share. It also pays via PayPal, and I’ve been paid every time no problem.